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Music Video Pre-production Guide

For music artists on a budget..  


Setting, Performance and Character Approach

by Peter Yu.

Who will benefit from reading this guide?

Artists who wish to limit their music video production costs by handling pre-production and producing themselves.


Keeping their expenses to shooting and editing.

It is important to know your personal brand and concept.  

Ex : Are you a quirky, loveable or charismatic artist?

Watch a lot of music videos.

Pick 2 or 3 as references.   

Think about setting, performance, character that fits

your music video.


These are outlined below :


Pick a setting/location with lots of backdrops for colorful variety that are easy walking distance of each other.  

Ex : Hip-Hop/Trap music video around Central train station.   


Confidence, charisma and belief in your lyrics is important. Playing your instrument, using props are optional. 

Ex : Country music video busking at Centennial Park.


Cutaway shots which convey charisma, character and your personal branding. Special moments. Hero shots. A little bit of acting may be involved.   

Ex : Pop Song music video during sunset at Clovelly Beach.    

Setting, Performance and Character form a basic backbone to expand on. You might want to include : dance performances, story or quirky ideas. 

There is also the option of throwing all of this out the window and making whatever you feel like.

Setting, Performance and Character approach is just one way to give audiences a window to get to know you as an artist when you are on a budget.   

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