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The Holy Grail

Short Action/Drama, 12 Mins, 2017

When Tyler finds that he has a chance at redemption, he is driven to fight like he has never before.

Writer/Director                           -   San Koh
Cinematographer/Editor                  -   Peter Yu
Music Composers                          -   Kailesh Reitmans
                                            -   Irene Kakopieros
Wazza Waseeq as Tyler
Salv Perie as Leon
Igor Bulanov as Lincoln
Anzjuli Venter as Leah
Mark Ellam as Tyler's Voice-over

Annelise Hall as Girl
Elyse Boonen as Fiancee
Jill Kingston as Receptionist
Maxwell Burt as Leon (Child)
Stephen Wiggins as Leon's Father
Elizabeth Esteves as Leon's Mother
Jesse Ravenscroft as Leah's Brother
Tequila Rathbone as Model
Business Executives 
Deirdre Campbell
Sandy Sharma
Marina Rowe
Lynne Dizon
Belinda Butterell
N'Tumba Marie Paulina Lando
Marleen Heidtkamp
Hemant Johar
Simon Nguyen
Amandeep Perhar
The Holy Grail (2017)

The Holy Grail (2017)

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