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Momentum 2016 - Interview with D'Leanne Lewis, Alexander Phillips and Peter Diamantidis

Not sure if you were at Momentum at Randwick Racecourse yesterday but hearing top agents like D'Leanne Lewis, Alexander Phillips and Peter Diamantidis speak was not just inspiring, it was eye-opening.

The discussion centered around how they built their success and more importantly, how to maintain that success as they see the future of real estate moving quickly into a technologically-savvy sector. And when we say savvy, we don't mean rocket science. It's as simple as keeping track of your Facebook activity (yes, potential clients can now google your name and your Facebook profile would likely show up), your LinkedIn image and your online agent profile.

Here are our top picks on what some of the speakers had to share:

1. D'Leanne Lewis

Be disciplined with your routine

Starting work in real estate before the internet existed, D'Leanne maintains that being disciplined to do the calls, adhering to her weekly routine and putting in good old hard work are her habits to success.

2. Alexander Phillips

Follow a proven systematic process

In Phillips Pantzer Donnelly, Alexander reveals that they follow a highly systemised process - a pre-list kit to the client in 45 minutes, investing in technology that will allow his team to download information directly from RP Data, and making 7 touch points before they even get in the door of a potential client.

3. Peter Diamantidis

Maintain your database!

As straightforward as it may sound, Peter insists that this piece of practical advice is what allows him to get so much referral business now. Being diligent in creating, maintaining and adding to his database ever since he moved into sales at 20 years old (after spending 5 years in that same agency doing admin work and clearing out bins), Peter is now reaping the benefits with 146 sales in the last 12 months.

So there we have it. It was incredible listening to these real stories of hard work, determination and success. As Tom Panos said, "Real estate is the highest paid hard work, and lowest paid easy work."

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